• Tools for Autonomous Logistics & Management



Tools for Autonomous Logistics and maNagement

  • The arrival of CAV's has the potential to both improve or negatively impact urban mobility and the way we think about transport. So how are those responsible for our mobility able to make the best decisions?

    TALON will provide both transit authorities and fleet managers the tools they need to not only plan and design the introduction of CAVs but also to operate the optimum services to meet our changing mobility needs.

    This project brings together three innovate partners, Immense, Improbable and Cubic, to research, design and implement these tools. By harnessing the scale of SpatialOS, Immense's mobility simulations and Cubic's market presence this first of a kind project will provide the insight to envision future worlds today.

    By creating large scale synthetic worlds our consortium will be able to test multiple scenarios quickly and easily to answer the 'what-if' questions for CAV deployment. Testing new business models, ride-sharing and service design will be easily achieved virtually and at zero-risk.

    This vision has been enabled through industrial research funded from government's 100m Intelligent Mobility fund administered by the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) and delivered by the UK's innovation agency, Innovate UK.


  • Immense Simulations

    Immense build large scale simulations of people, places and mobility systems to deliver true insight into mobility supply and demand.

  • Improbable

    What if it were possible to recreate reality as a simulation? Or to build new worlds? Improbable's mission is to make this possible.


    Cubic are a leading integrator of payment and information solutions and related services for intelligent travel applications.



Immense, Improbable & Cubic


Dedication to excellence


Software platform
A crystal ball for the succesful integration & operation of CAVs


  • TALON is live!

    June 2016

    We're proud to announce that the collaborative TALON project lead by Immense Simulations and supported by Improbable and Cubic is live!

  • First Software Release

    February 2017

    The TALON team have reached their first project milestone with the Immense Simulations onboarding event at Improbable!

  • First Trial Begins

    August 2017

    The first trial is successfully deployed in Greenwich and runs until June 2018. We'll be simulating how CAVs can operate, what the optimimum stratgies are and what that means for transport planners and fleet operators.

  • Second Software Release

    October 2017

    October marks the start of our regular software release cycles.

  • Software Release 1.0.3

    November 2017

  • Software Release 1.0.4

    December 2017

  • Software Release 1.0.5

    January 2018

  • Second Trial Begins

    June 2018

  • Project completion

    May 2019


Carl Goves

Co-founder, Chief Engineer - Immense

Carl is driven technologist, passionate about developing new and improved transport modelling systems. With a strong grounding in mathematics and an in-depth knowledge of transport modelling and planning Carl is known for going beyond the norm, delivering complex projects on time and exceeding expectations. This was recognised by his award winning research into transport supply prediction and being awarded the 'greatest contribution to London' for his role as lead modeller in the project team responsible for journey time prediction for the 2012 Olympic Route Network.

Aleksandra Laska,

Head of Enterprise for Corporates - Improbable

Aleksandra Laska is the Head of Enterprise for Corporates at London start-up, Improbable, which received funding from Andreessen Horowitz and has been named one of the smartest companies in the world by the MIT Review. Prior to Improbable, Aleksandra worked at a VC fund as part of the early stage technology investment team. She started her career on the Goldman Sachs trading floor as an equities sales-trader. Aleksandra holds a law degree from King's College London..

Dave Roat

Strategy Manager - Cubic

Dave is strategy manager for Cubic Transportation Systems Ltd, the UK-based subsidiary of Cubic Transportation Systems. He is also responsible for driving innovation development through proof of concept and beyond. Throughout his 30-year international business career, Dave has developed and delivered strategies and launched new businesses, innovations and services for transportation and telecom markets, including mobile, video solutions and next-generation transportation devices..



  • Immense Simulations


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